Innovation for Growth

“Innovation is change that unlocks new value” - Jamie Notter, Author When Millenials Take Over

Value creation is at the core of every strategic business plan. Whether iterative or disruptive, innovation and creative problem solving is a golden pathway to creating value in today’s highly competitive business world. It is therefore critical for businesses to unlock the growth potential in every aspect of the organisation, by tapping and developing the creative capacity of their people.

Innovation for Growth explores how successful companies are embedding innovation into the fabric of their organisation. Using a proven thinking metholodogy, this highly interactive workshop uses the test and apply approach, whereby participants are shown aspects of the methodology and then apply it to a set challenge in real-time.  

The Innovation for Growth program is tailored to your business and its challenges. With in-built ambiguity and time pressures, it creates an environment that pushes leaders into their learning zone and provides them with a framework for high level thinking, problem solving and ongoing innovation.



  • Defining innovation

  • The innovation spectrum

  • What do you want and how do you get it?

  • Identifying blockages

  • Creating successful patterns and habits

  • Creating and embedding a culture of innovation

  • Leveraging value propositions

  • Innovation methodology and application to tailored challenge

  • Opening new markets, pathways and possibilities


  • Improved employee engagement

  • Realisation of creative and innovative potential

  • Methodology that can be used for disruptive and also BAU solutions

  • Development of competitive edge

  • Encourages a creative environment

  • Solution centric culture

  • Increased efficiency

  • Increased productivity

  • Increased leverage of latest assets

  • Improved problem solving skills


Interactive Workshop


3 day residential, 2 day workshop or 1 day intensive option

IDEAL FOR:                       

Employees and leaders of all levels

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