Sales Mind to Business Mind


Traditional sales training is a thing of the past. It was a prescriptive formula telling sales people what to say and how to act. It focused on the sale alone and neglected to recognise that the sales professional is fundamentally responsible for running their own business within the business.

In today’s increasingly competitive world, sales professionals must be more effective than ever to gain share of wallet.

  • Top sales producers outperform average producers by 2 to 1 and outperform low producers by 10 to 1

  • Over 50% of sales managers are too busy to train and develop their sales teams.

  • Nobody ever gets better without training and a high level of self awareness.

Clients and consumers have evolved and so must the sales process and training. Today’s sales professionals need a sophisticated battery to tools and a high level of insight to earn client trust, understand needs and deliver exceptional performance.

The sales training model needs to be turned inside out. The sales professional must first look within before they can successfully engage outwardly. Today, the most successful sales professionals are those who are authentic and engaging. They are highly self aware, understand their intrinsic motivators, how they can tap into their strengths to ensure they portray the best version of themselves and how they can run their portfolio as a business. This high level of awareness grants them insight into clients and enables them to build strong commercial relationships.

The philosophy behind this program is to empower sales people to take responsibility and accountability for their own business and engaging them to WANT to succeed.



  • Turning sales people into Business people

  • Articulate acquisition and retention strategies

  • Performance Improvement Processes (PIP)

  • Create and manage a business plan to run their territory with;

    • Forecasting tools

    • Trend analysis

    • Ratios

    • Anecdotal data


  • Greater results

  • More engaged sales team

  • Greater sense of purpose

  • Establishes habits of success and a proven formula

  • Increases self-esteem and belief

  • Creates sense of achievement and success

  • Improves attitude

  • Increases resilience

  • Increases self-discipline

  • Creates an acquisition and retention strategy

  • Builds a learnt process to duplicate time after time


Interactive Workshop


2 Full Days OR 1 Day Intensive Option


Sales People & Account Managers

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