Long-term successful employee development and engagement is about embedding new behaviours, mindsets and skills. What happens before and after a training session is just as important as the actual training itself.

Research shows that training courses account for only 22% of employee development with the remaining 78% being gained through ongoing mentoring and on-the-job experience. Structured, ongoing support following training can embed training outcomes and lead to sustained behaviour change, capability development and, in turn, a higher calibre leader.

Despite this, Australian corporations continue to increase spend on structured training for employees courses without implementing effective post training strategies. 

In an article published by the Wall Street Journal, research suggests that with little practical follow up or meaningful assessments, only 10% of learning goes back to the work place resulting in a staggering 90% loss of information and an enormous loss of opportunity.

Ongoing training is a vital component in ensuring employee development and engagement, but what happens after the training is what will amplify the investment.

To ensure long lasting results and maximum return on training expenditure is achieved, we offer ongoing support and consultation long after the training session concludes. The team at Performance Shift can tailor a bespoke solution that will fit the leaders in your organisation and help them shift to the next level. We will work with you to develop strategies that will ensure the behaviours, skills, processes and systems learnt during our training courses are indoctrinated into everyday practices. 


  • Maximises training benefits

  • Increase return on training expenditure

  • Effective employee development

  • Increases engagement

  • Long lasting results from training

  • Increased efficiency & productivity




Ongoing, as required


CEOs and C-Suite executives, senior leaders, developing leaders, leaders under performance management.

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