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Why you should run your business like a football team

July, 2016

Performance expert KIRK PETERSON argues that businesses should be run like football teams, with more time offered to employees to reflect and improve.


IIDM Video Seminar – ‘The New Management Style’

What Is The Solution To A Business Facing Challenges?

March, 2016

In this video Kirk Peterson looks at The New Management Style.


How to deal with fast business growth

March, 2016

Like riding a rollercoaster with dodgy breaks, fast business growth can be pretty hair-raising. On the upside, consumers love the concept and sales are skyrocketing. But on the downside, it’s unanticipated and seemingly uncontrollable. Fast growth need not be a one-way path to self-destruction. Here are five tips on how to fix fast growing pains.


The Age – My Small Business

9th November, 2015

Self-managed employment reviews help employees become ‘addicted to progress’

Employees crave attention and feedback from their managers, whether good or bad. Too often though the boss is too busy to chat. So how can businesses break the silent treatment cycle? Kirk Peterson talks about how businesses can create a culture of continual improvement, increase engagement and encourage employees to become “addicted to progress”.


NAB Business Research and Insights

14th April, 2015

Coaching a team of business athletes

As you’re watching your favourite sporting team do battle on the field this season, you might just learn a few new management techniques and discover a winning game plan for you and your team at work. That’s the view of Kirk Peterson, Managing Director of corporate training and consulting company Performance Shift.


Australian Retailer Magazine

Page 12 – November Edition

Control a customers impression

Kirk shares his views on customer service and the reason why we cannot settle for average when trying to attract and retain customers


Qantas Radio

Talking Business with Alan Kohler

December 2014

Alan Kohler interviews Kirk Peterson, Managing Director of Performance Shift, a business focused on creating and training better leaders and workers.


My Business Magazine

COVER STORY – September Edition

Is your business finals ready?

Melbourne businessman and avid sports fan Kirk Peterson has spent the bulk of his life coaching and competing in high performing sports teams. As a small business owner, Peterson has seen first-hand how the basic philosophies and key fundamentals that are drilled into successful professional athletes can also be applied in the business world


SME Radio Interview

Monday 15th September, 2014

Listen to the Podcast

Here Kirk talks about the coaching and training methods used in elite sports and how they can be easily translated into business



Wednesday 10th September, 2014

10 things you need to know about your employees

Kirk Peterson, the managing director of Performance Shift believes any franchisee can build a successful business by training their staff as if they were elite athletes in an NRL or AFL sports team


Telstra Smarter Business Online

Friday 26th September, 2014

5 Qualities every elite business team has

Here are five qualities every business team Kirk has worked with possesses. By encouraging these qualities in your own staff, you can make your team as dedicated and determined as your favourite sports superstars.