Kirk Peterson


Managing Director

Kirk Peterson is a renowned thought leader with over 30 years’ experience in leadership, business strategy, operational management and people management, along with a history of being a player and coach of high performance sporting teams.

He ran his own advertising and manufacturing business for over 20 years before founding Performance Shift. Having worked with some of the country’s biggest brands and companies, Kirk is highly experienced in the corporate training, facilitation and coaching space.

Kirk believes that using the same high performing team philosophies as some of the world’s best sporting teams can be highly effective in transforming workplace behaviours. He has proven that, with the right tools, all professionals can operate, and lead, in a way that cultivates engagement, motivation, cohesion and self-discipline amongst employees, ultimately producing better results for your organisation.

Using a combination of science, theoretical models and methodologies and his own experience, Kirk has implemented strategies resulting in sustained performance improvement for countless organisations and elite sporting institutions including Monash University, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Australian Grand Prix Corporation, Woolworths, St Kilda Football Club and Flight Centre.

Kirk’s unique approach focuses on building high performing teams through principals such as mental cohesion, trust, alignment and self-discipline. Kirk’s models have positioned him as a thought leader, lecturing at Monash University for 3 years as part of the ambassador program for the business economics faculty and publishing a range of articles including features in My Business Magazine, Telstra Smarter Business and Kirk has also conducted radio interviews with SME Radio and Qantas Radio, giving him significant exposure to a broad range of listeners.

Motivated by the impact he has on others to exceed in their own personal and professional goals, Kirk provides tangible and sustainable models resulting in growth and performance improvement for the individual and the organisation as a whole.

Kirk Peterson lives his life by being true to himself and facing up to challenges in order to achieve exceptional results. Kirk lives by the motto; “Success is not only a journey, it is also a destination. If it’s to be, it is up to me.”