The Meaning of Self Management

Self-management means different things in different fields:

In businesseducation, and psychology, self-management refers to methods, skills, and strategies by which individuals can effectively direct their own activities toward the achievement of objectives.

It includes:

  • goal-setting

  • planning

  • scheduling

  • time-management

  • task-targets

  • self-evaluation

  • self-intervention

  • self-development

What does it mean to you? If you’re not sure, analysing and identifying that should be your very first step.

If you’re still not sure, that’s where I can help. Outside perspective is a wonderful, empowering thing. It can bring great clarity – that ability to see things from another angle often reveals a lot of interesting information. I then help you how to use that information to benefit your team – creating great leaders that will take those skills with them elsewhere within your organisation…and beyond.

Remember this: people management is an art…a true skill. It can be taught and, usually, it needs to be. However, it is only with smart self-management that we can gain respect and credibility and that’s how our leadership qualities truly shine.

Consider this statement:

“We WANT people to work for us, not HAVE to work for us.”

Is that true of your current crop of employees? Are they happy? Are they engaged and giving you the best value from their skills and knowledge? By helping them, you’re helping yourself. Step up – it’s time to lead by example.