Exceptional Customer Service

Shifting Your Service from Good to Exceptional

No business can exist without customers and today’s customers are more demanding and more powerful than ever before. One bad service experience can be amplified through easily accessible channels such as social media and significantly damage a brand and business. Never before has the frontline sales staff been more important to a business’ reputation and growth.

Investing in the staff at the face of your business can open their eyes to the importance of their role to the business, creating engagement and a sense of purpose.

Exceptional Customer Service has been designed to change the mindset of your front line staff and provide them with the tools and techniques required for them to perform at their best.

It teaches them how to manage themselves and understand their customers needs, expectations and characteristics, making them more adaptable and able to manage any challenging situation they may come across.



  • Internal and external customers

  • Becoming customer-centric

  • Creating positive experiences

  • Interpersonal and people skills

  • The art of listening and asking the right questions

  • Conflict management and resolution


  • Greater results

  • Engaged staff

  • Increases self-esteem and belief

  • A sense of achievement and success

  • Improves attitude

  • Greater staff retention

  • Greater client/customer satisfaction




Interactive Workshop


2 Full Days OR 1 Day Intensive Option


All client/customer facing staff and their managers

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