lara wilson


With an extensive background in many areas of business including management, marketing, sales, coaching and training, and having run her own businesses, Lara knows the importance of maximising effectiveness through training and mentoring to get the most out of individuals and gain instant and lasting results; an essential in business practices and success.

Her business experience, combined with her broad studies of human behavior including Psychotherapy, Counseling, Behaviourial System, Emotional Intelligence and leading scientific mind-management philosophies equips her to be an inspiring leader, motivating others to excel and achieve success.

With a consultative approach to workplace leadership and business performance strategies through training, coaching and mentoring, Lara’s application of more than 25 years commercial experience delivers results.   She has created successful platforms in change management, and people and cultural development which have had proven impact on profitability through increased sales, motivated staff and happy clientele.

Lara has presented and trained nationally and internationally within Corporates, SME’s and Charities, as well Public Seminars to business owners and individuals within her Greatness programs.  Participants from ANZ, Carmens, UNHCR, Bartercard Int’l, Johnson & Johnson, Franchise Careers, Healthe, Unions National, Allied Group, Berlitz, S.A.P, Mentone Grammer, Pentag Nidera, Mowbray College, Ron Pollack Training, Odyssey Training, Gunnersons, Fresh Brand Communication and Entrepreneurs in Business, to name a few.

As a speaker, business strategist, workshop facilitator, writer and self-leadership mentor, Lara expands thinking beyond what seems possible.  Lara knows the importance of maximising output and improved business practices.  But most importantly Lara has come to understanding Self-Leadership as the key ingredient for aligning success in business and life.

With rich and tangible insights, she is now helping people reach their own breakthroughs of what's possible personally and professionally, to see that we can all change, be who we want to be, do what we dream and have the life we love.  Nothing is outside our-SELF; it's all about choice.

Her Self-Leadership philosophy is simple;  If it's to be it's up to me.  When you get that you create your own reality and everything is a choice you can then lead an empowered life, from the inside out.  All we need is the understandings and tools to make it happen and become an empowered Self Leader, living in GREATNESS!